Ways to earn money from Google Play Store by creating apps

Nowadays we use Google play-store to use different types of apps on smartphones . Google Play-Store is a place where you can download and use any type of mobile app. But recently, Google Play-Store is offering special facilities for users.

Now you too can earn money from Google Play Store. If you are an app developer, it will be very easy for you to earn money from Google Play Store. Currently, many app developers are creating different types of online courses and learning freelancing courses in Bangladesh.

So our today’s article is written for those who want to earn money through Google Play Store.

Things to keep in mind before making the app?

Purpose of the app: First of all, you need to pay attention to the type of creation of your app. If you create the app keeping in mind how to earn money, then the purpose of the app will be revealed. 

Develop the software according to customer and market needs when objectives are revealed. When your concept is clear you will have a proper purpose of your app.

Take this for example: you can make a news app , you can earn money by showing ads there. You can earn money from Google Play Store by creating and selling apps for various tools such as photo editing, video editing, games or showing ads.

User Target: In developing any app, it is necessary to have an idea about who the user is.

  • If you’re building apps for business purposes, you need to build apps that are considered full-fledged business functions.
  • If you are creating an app to earn money, you must consider who your target audience will be.
  • What else could be their needs?
  • How much money can you earn from Google Play Store per month?

Comparison with other competitors: When you develop an app, keep an eye on the apps of nearby competitors or developers. When it comes to revenue from apps, what kind of benefits they provide to customers should be followed. Competitors must keep abreast of the latest updates of the app. 


The main effective way of earning from Google Play Store is through Ads (App Monetization). Basically, making money by showing ads within apps is called ad monetization. There are several types of ad systems, including pop-ups, banners, through which app monetization is possible. Most “free apps” earn revenue from the Google Play Store through ads.

Ads or advertisements can be displayed in the app in different ways. Banner ads can be displayed within the app which does not cause any kind of problem to the user. If you want, you can offer an additional feature of the app in exchange for the ad, so that the users will want to see the ad on their own.

So, showing ads in the app can be monetized in multiple ways. However, if the app is filled with additional ads for revenue purposes, the user may become reluctant to use the app, so ads should be provided in the app very carefully.

There are many platforms for displaying in-app ads, the most popular of which is “Google AdMob”. Being Google’s service, there is no complication in managing the ad by the app in the Play Store apps. Anyone can work on monetizing their app by applying for an “admob” account.


Buying apps from play store is very common nowadays. If you are confident enough about your app, you can publish your app as a paid app on Play Store. But in this case the income path is not as simple as ad monetization. If your app isn’t good, no one will want to buy it.

Besides, you can add in-app purchase but earn from the free app. In this case, app developers consider this method of earning smarter. If the app has a decent number of users, the app’s features or game items can be sold, which can be much more than the one-time revenue from selling the app.

For example, let’s mention PUBG Mobile as an example. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, but the game has already earned more than $7 billion through in-app purchases. So, if your app or game is good enough, no one will hesitate to buy various features or items from the app for money.


“Subscription” is a very complicated way to monetize apps. Subscription basically refers to the system of using various features of the app in return for a fixed monthly or annual fee. Netflix, Spotify, Truecolor, Amazon Prime, Disney etc earn huge amount of money through various app or platform subscriptions.

But remember, users regularly pay for features, so subscriptions may not sell if the features provided are not functional enough. Subscriptions have become a common way to generate income, especially in games.


A lot of money can also be earned from the app through sponsorship. If your app idea is unique, getting app sponsorship should not be a problem. Many companies regularly sponsor apps with potential for good. But in that case, it is very important that your app idea is awesome to earn from the app.

Apart from monetizing the app through sponsorship, you should think about improving the app. However, if your app idea is unique or innovative enough, you can earn through sponsorship. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money from apps. Play Store can be monetized through affiliate marketing by ad or advertising other apps, services or products.

From Amazon to Daraz, every online platform offers affiliate marketing opportunities. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn money from the Google Play Store if you do it right with your app.

Keeping these things in mind, you can get down to work.

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