Problems Faced by Nothing Phone Users

Problems Faced by Nothing Phone Users…

Nothing brand’s first phone, the Nothing Phone (1), was released just a few days ago. There is no end to the interest of smartphone lovers in the world to get hold of this newly released phone. But the sad thing is that everyone’s favorite Nothing Phone (1) has several hardware and software issues.

Nothing phone one , users have found various issues with this phone. But the company can fix the software related problems in Nothing Phone One through updates, but they have to carry a lot of bags with the hardware related problems. In this post I will try to know about the problems that users are facing with Nothing Phone (1). We have scoured the internet to find various user complaints and issues with the Nothing Phone (1). So let’s know the problems of Nothing Phone 1…

Dead pixels on the selfie camera side

Many Nothing Phone (1) users have reported the problem of seeing dead pixels near their phone’s selfie camera. These dead pixels leave a green color around the screen. As seen online, this problem has appeared on many Nothing Phone (1) units.

Dead pixels on the display of the Nothing Phone (1) can be easily identified using the Dead Pixel Fix app . As this is a hardware related issue nothing should rush to fix it. However, I have not yet heard anything officially about the solution to this problem from Nothing.

Green tint on the display

Another display issue of the Nothing Phone (1) is being talked about a lot online, which is the green tint or green color seen at the bottom of the phone’s display. Especially, this problem is seen in dark areas after turning on the dark mode.

Considering the user experience, this problem is very serious. Nothing has yet to provide any solution to these issues with Nothing Phone (1).

Moisture in the back camera module

Although the Nothing Phone (1) has an IP53 rating, many users have seen moisture build up under and around the rear camera module’s glass cover. This type of problem is not good for phone due to security reasons. Nothing recommends replacing the problematic unit as a solution to this problem.

Dust problem

Users have been in a lot of trouble with dust in some units of Nothing Phone (1). A user even got his Nothing Phone (1) replaced and got the same problem with the replaced unit. This dust problem of Nothing Phone (1) is seen in black variant. Most experts speculate that the problem is caused by the assembly environment.

Bluetooth connectivity issue

Now let’s talk about the software issue of Nothing Phone (1). A few days ago, a user reported on reddit that he was experiencing problems connecting Bluetooth headphones to his Nothing Phone (1) unit. While connecting a pair of bone conduction headphones to his phone, the person noticed that the feature was not working. The suggestion to restart the phone appeared on the screen but following this process did not solve the problem.

But the person who posted this problem has solved this problem himself. The user resolved this issue by turning off media audio and restarting calls from Bluetooth settings. For now this problem can be solved like this Hopefully this issue will be resolved in a future software update.

Phone lagging after unlocking

A user reported on reddit that his Nothing Phone (1) suffered from severe lag every time he unlocked it. Even by resetting the phone, locking/unlocking or closing various apps, the user could not solve the problem. Resetting the phone may fix this problem, but it is not yet known if the person followed this solution.

A few words about Nothing Phone (1).

The interesting thing is that the back side of this phone will seem very open. The screw heads used can be seen at the back. And the design of the LED lights is beautifully wrapped. Those designed lights light up when the phone comes or any notification. It can be said that this part is the signature of Nothing Phone. It’s a ‘glyph’ in Nothing Phone parlance. Although some may think, the design or design of this lamp may cause irritation to some.

In terms of price, it is considered a budget phone. 399 pounds or 480 dollars. Compared to the iPhone or Samsung flagship phone, it is a budget phone. Although Nothing Phone has not come to compete with these phones. So it can be said that this mid-range phone has come into the market to create a trend of its own.

The first phone of this London-based company went on sale in London from July 16. Nothing phone comes with a huge display. 6.55 inch display can see video in 2400*1080 resolution. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor is used in it. The 50 megapixel camera is also capable of taking pictures that rival any high-end mobile phone.

According to the company, they want to give people a technology that is environmentally friendly. So starting from the name, every part of the phone is involved in general. Now the thing to be seen is how the consumer or customer accepts this phone.

What is your opinion about these problems of Nothing Phone (1)? Has the mobile been able to deliver the experience they promised? Judging by the current state of the phone, let us know your thoughts on the future of Nothing in the comments section.

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